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As if I needed another reason to love to visit Auburn, the loveliest Village, the Hotel and Conference Center out does itself every year with the creation of a gingerbread village depicting campus buildings. This year they have added The Carey Center which was recently given to the College of Human Sciences to be used as  Cary Center for the Advancement of Philanthropy and Nonprofit Studies. Make yourself hungry as you check out a “behind the scenes look”  at how they do it.

Here are a few of the other buildings in progress.
Check out the windows and roof!
This is their version of the Carey Center.
and this is the real deal.
Impressive. Don’t you love people who go above and beyond for the enjoyment of others?
If you would like to follow the progress click on this link for timeline photos.

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We have been scouting locations for a photo shoot for my new fabric line that will hit the market the first of January but in my heart there was really only one place that would do. We paid a visit today with the Governor’s representative and discussed the possibilities. Not only does it thrill me to simply walk the grounds but tears fill my eyes as I remember the kindness of Mr. Red Blount. He made his fortunes the old fashion way- hard, hard work and long hours. Then he spent his latter years giving back. And, oh, how he gave. Without this precious man there would be no Shakespeare Theater in Montgomery. The Montgomery Museum of Art certainly would not be what it is today. There would be no Blount Park and now the state is the guardian of the incredible home, conservatory and chapel that Mr. and Mrs. Blount built and their children donated for the State’s use.

As you drive onto the estate you cross this charming bridge/

Looking to your right you see this lovely bridge.

The trees still had some pretty color.

There were no trees at all on this property when the Blounts bought it. Don’t you love people with vision?

Just being on the property made me happy.

From the motor court you walk down a couple of steps into a formal garden.

And then… the pièce de résistance…. the conservatory

Be still my soul.

Bobby McAlpine, you out did yourself. Josh Moates of Kim Box Photography tells me the light in there is amazing.

Then you walk inside… and lose your breath.

David Braly did some amazing work also in the painting of the walls in the stair hall.

The pool and pool house are beyond the conservatory.

I really hope we can make this work. I can’t quite figure it out in my head yet but I have some talented friends that I am sure will help me.

Thank you Blount family for making my city beautiful. We appreciate you.

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It’s that time of year again.

You better get some rest while you can! It’s baking time.


We have a full day of Christmas tree buying, garland buying, house decorating and choir practice. Hope yours is great.

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We are in the final stages of a few kitchen renovations and the beginning phase of a new one. The new one has me stumped today. I can’t find an image to adequately convey to the builder what is in my head for the island. It will for sure be a painted finish. It will be a blueish-gray with an umber glaze but we are thinking about painting something on the end like an old stenciled sign look. I don’t know. Any ideas? I need some help here!

These are a few of the million images I looked at yesterday on Houzz and Pinterest.

I liked the hardware on this one.


Love the end panel and the stools being in-set.

Mixed door styles and finishes. Traditional kitchens often use multiple finishes. Sometimes you'll see one color or style cabinet on the perimeter and another on the island, for example. And you don't have to stop at just two; feel free to mix in a tall cabinet with a natural stained-wood tone. Even a section of cabinets such as a breakfast bar or butler's pantry can be done in a third or fourth color. Mixing finishes gives traditional kitchens a collected-over-time fee

Like that there’s no wasted space.

Great Kitchen Island!

LOVE the rounded ends

III DomA Architects, Inc. III - traditional - kitchen - san francisco - Doma Architects, Inc.

Kinda digging the old wood added in…hmmm

Antique Kitchen Islands

Like the simpleness of this.


SEE, I’m all over the board on this. Help me out people. What am I trying to say!!!! LOL

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If you missed part 1 click here or part 2 click here

After seeing the huge area required to print the traditional way it is almost comical to see what is required now.

The new way to print

So there you have it. One day, that whole big plant will potentially be reduced to this.

The following picture is from the colorist room where designers scrutinize color match so that each run is the same.

color guide

 This shows fabric patterns that are being tested for color, match and scale that are still on the drawing board.

Now the work begins

So now it was the time of discovery, did I really know what I was doing and would my work translate into what their designer needed.  (Read “nail-biting time”)

Amazingly, for the most part I got it right. LOL

We made a few minor adjustments on pattern match and it was time to make a strike off to see how it would really look on fabric. YIKES! This was really happening. What if we all hated it? What if we all loved it? What if , after all of this, we couldn’t meet the dead-line?  So many “what ifs”.

I’m seeing my work on their computer system for the first time.

Do we hit the print button or not?


And out rolls the first ever strike off of the new


Springtime Fun from Cindy Barganier Fabric Collection

What would you call me?

Ocean Stripe from Cindy Barganier Fabric Collection


Bear in mind that this is being done on the cheapest fabric with no sizing or finishing which is what makes the color pop.

Sadly, this little guy didn’t make the cut. He was pixelated and couldn’t be fixed.


What do you do when the pattern you had planned on featuring won’t work? You pretend like you are back in college and you stay up until the mood strikes and you design a new pattern from scratch that will work. You then send it to the mill in the wee hours, get it approved as soon as the doors open, run the strike-off, get customer approval and print all within a 12 hour period so that you hit your dead-line.

Then one day the UPS man arrives and he hands you the first bolts.

Cindy Barganier Fabric Collection

So you jump in the car and head to 30A for the installation.


A week ago this was a closet. I found a carpenter who could go to Florida in one day to remove the doors, remove all of the shelving and rods and build a daybed with raised “tables” at either end.

Then sweet Marilyn Heard and George Evans went down with us to transform it into a daybed extraordinaire.

We worked, and we worked..

and then we worked some more

No, you aren’t seeing things. Yes, it is midnight and yes, we are all working in pajamas. LOL

We are the crazy ones who are most creative at night. That’s why we move into the houses for concierge move in services.  It’s going above and beyond.

We didn’t have all of the lamps and accessories yet but this will give you a good idea of where we are headed.

Bespoke Daybed in Amber fabric by Cindy Barganier

Amber Fabric by Cindy Barganier

Then we moved on to the next room where the Ocean Stripe fabric was being used.

Ocean Stripe in teal and blue

Thanks to a little Pinterest inspiration I used the fabric on Yolo Board inspired headboards and added individual lights for nighttime reading enjoyment.

Ocean Stripe by Cindy Barganier

We haven’t gotten to accessorization yet but do notice the adorable vintage bathing suit sheets peeking out from the shams.

 While ya’ll hit the waves, I’m just gonna hit the bed.

I’m done.

Thank you to another precious client who “gets it” and let’s us do our thing.

We loved working with you and can’t wait to hear your squeals tonight.

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A realtor friend sent me this today.

What do you think? Did they hit the mark or miss it?

5 Things Buyers Want in New Homes Now


Coastal Living Idea House 09 exteriorThere’s an interesting article on MarketWatch touting the must-have features buyers are demanding from new homes now.  An annual survey reveals what is gaining in popularity among home buyers, and what is no longer as important. I thought it would be interesting to take our own little survey to see if you agree–or disagree–with some of their findings. What would be important to you in a new house, and what could you live without?

Cooper Kitchen

1. Large Kitchens with Islands. Kitchens are still the best place to spend your design dollars. They’re one room that buyers aren’t willing to downsize. Paul Cardis, CEO of AVID, says granite countertops are a must for move-up buyers and buyers of custom homes, but for others “they are on the bubble.”

  • A must-have!
  • Would be nice, but not necessary.
  • Low on my list of priorities.


Total Votes: 1,298


Country Living-Home office

2. Home Offices. People say they’d rather have a study than a formal dining room.

  • A must-have!
  • Would be nice, but not necessary.
  • Low on my list of priorities.


Total Votes: 1,273



3. First-Floor Master Bedrooms. This used to be most important for people who didn’t have young children living at home. Now it’s becoming more popular across the board.

  • A must-have!
  • Would be nice, but not necessary.
  • Low on my list of priorities.


Total Votes: 1,277


jane-coslick-designs-screened-porch-fish-camp-cottage4. Outdoor Living Rooms. The survey shows that even people living in colder climates like Canada are spending more time outdoors and want their homes to accommodate them.

  • A must-have!
  • Would be nice, but not necessary.
  • Low on my list of priorities.


Total Votes: 1,245



5. Soaker Tubs. Losing popularity in the bathroom: whirlpool tubs. Gaining: oversize showers with seating.

  • A must-have!
  • Would be nice, but not necessary.
  • Low on my list of priorities.


Total Votes: 1,265


Are there features in a new home that would be more important to you than any of these listed here? What would they be?

We are still on the fast track.  Fun, fun, FUN things a’comin!

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Is there anything sweeter than a new baby in the family? We often lament that they do not come with owner’s manuals. Well they also don’t come with a pre-assembled nursery. However, Restoration Hardware has made it really easy for us.

Have you seen their new nursery and children’s line? I am more than mildly obsessed. Enjoy browsing these images and get inspired about the arrival of the newest blessings in your family.

Restoration Hardware Cindy Barganier
Restoration Hardware

Restoration Hardware Cindy Barganier

belle nursery cindy barganier

jameson nursery cindy barganier

jourdan nursery cindy barganier

Restoration Hardware Cindy BarganierEmelia sleigh Cindy BarganierRestoration Hardware Cindy Barganier

And now for our bigger friends. Look at that sophisticated, scaled down furniture. Have you ever!

french empire cindy barganier

provence bed cindy barganeirharper playrm cindy barganier

Have you seen the beautifully crafted furniture pieces that are out now made from Tennessee Whiskey barrels?

While there is nothing new about barrel furniture I have never before pointed to it and said,

“that’s good”.

Barrelly Made It cindy barganier

According to Luxe Living ,” craft whiskey barrels can be used only once, as specified by law. After this use, most of the used barrels are sold to distilleries in Scotland and Ireland for maturation of their whiskies. In America, the barrels are generally used between three and eight years. Across the pond, they are used to age the spirit for three to upwards of forty years. “


The name is the first thing that I loved. The letters stand for

Barrelly Made It.

 I think that’s cute.

 Creative Director Gustaf Anders Rooth from San Diego is a transplanted Swedish designer and Master Craftsman. Rooth creates pieces using every component of the barrel including the heads (ends) and steel bands.

The pieces have a certain “couture” feel to them to me.

whiskey barrell furniture cindy barganeir

Even their seals of authenticity are perfect.

For more information on this neat company contact:
Planet Rooth Design Haus
3334 5th Avenue
San Diego, CA 92103

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