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Here are some ideas for that special hostess gift.

Simply Sophisticated Wine Wrap


love these for stocking stuffers!

Gracious Hostess Gifts

Hostess Gifts

Easy Hostess Gifts

gift wrap /gift idea

They will love it!

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I told you you were going to have to be patient with me this month.

It is H-e-c-t-i-c but so much fun.


I hit the floor running right after Thanksgiving break and this is what has happened so far in the last three days.

First up was a trip ..or 2 …or 3.. to the curb market.

The curb market is one of my favorite places to be at Christmas. It is filled with beautiful creations by all of the vendors.

And happy shoppers scurrying by…

beautiful colors…

Things my doctor wants me to eat

and things I would rather eat

hey, it’s CHRISTMAS- RIGHT???

I digress, back to business.

We have some decisions to make like what kinds of wreaths to buy.

Should we get the magnolia?

or the holly?

The kissing balls were really cute

How about some frasirs?

Hold the presses!! I’m in love…

Square boxwoods. Oh yeah Baby. You always win my heart.

These people take great care of me.


In the end I got a combination and then ran to Home Depot for trees.

So far this year I have bought 3 trees, 16 wreaths, 10 garlands and countless spools of ribbon etc.

They LOVE to see me coming.

Up goes tree number 1



On to tree number 2

My trees start at 250 lbs. LOL

Remember those amazing blue Juniper berries from Thanksgiving? They became the color inspiration for everything else this year. Pheasy the pheasant returns every year at this house in some capacity. This year he crowns the tree!

The deer only needed a few sparkles and snowflakes after Thanksgiving and they were good to go.

I really should have videoed this day. It became like a movie set. The owner/hubby took the day off so that he could be in the middle of it all. Christmas music was blaring, the fire crackling, the wassel brewing ( read  heavenly smells) and grandbaby Sam came to visit and had a burger with us. Sam is only 1 but we’re gonna get married. 🙂


Speaking of Sam. Papa and Angel have the neatest collection of old pottery “forest personalities” that usually reside safely out of the reach on the shelves above the doors. They got to make their Christmas debut this year as they happied up the sideboard.

Sheetmoss blankets became the home for bunnies, tiny snails, mushrooms, and giant acorns.

All this porch ever needs is good friends. Its arms are always open.


Light the candles and it’s party time!

Whew!! This elf is ready for a long winter’s nap.

More tomorrow.

Later Rudolph!

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At the end of this very hot summer I am gearing up to do a series of posts aimed at those who might be getting ready to build or are needing to get the house ready for the holiday season. These posts will contain very practical information like how to read a blueprint or how to draw a room to scale. They will also answer some questions that I receive often about dining room tables and lighting etc.

BUT I was just wondering…. What’s on your mind? Are there specific topics that you would like for me to cover?

After all this blog is all about YOU my faithful reader so I want to give you, to the best of my ability, the information that you are interested in. You might have a really fun topic that I had not considered. Let’s talk.

Go to the comment section and leave me your wish list. Think of it as an early Christmas list. Let’s have some fun! Thanks in advance for all of the fun ideas.

Bye Bye Summer it’s time for us to sail on to fall.

If you would like to say, “That was fun!” at the end of your project

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