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I gave up on a lot of picture taking in order to simply finish on time but I think all trees, bows, garlands, tables etc. are up…… except for mine. Alas. LOL

Note those two giant trees happily soaking in the background. Oh yeah, Baby.

Cindy Barganier

Don’t you love that awesome jeep. There is quite a love story surrounding it.

cindy barganier

Cindy Elf had it loaded to the gills with fresh greenery. I am pretty much a purist in that regard.

cindy barganier


cindy barganier

cindy barganier

cindy barganier

Color they scream. What color is it? All soft blues, whites, bronze with tiny pops of red, yellow and orange on the birds that make their nests in the tree.

cindy barganier

I am leaving you for few days as we spend some Christmas time with family.  See you in a few.

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It’s that time of year again.

You better get some rest while you can! It’s baking time.


We have a full day of Christmas tree buying, garland buying, house decorating and choir practice. Hope yours is great.

If you would like to say,”That was fun!” at the end of your project contact us at

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