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Do you feel like you have a party a night, each requiring a dish to share? Need some ideas? Here are some that I found interesting. I hope they will make your life a little easier.

Christmas Party Food Ideas

Recipe here (I liked this one because it can be made in advance)

Reindeer donuts - so stinkin' cute and easy!

Recipe here  (quick and super easy)

Christmas food

recipe here (beautiful and healthy)

food desing for christmas

There was no recipe but it looks to me like they cut circles out of a chocolate sheet cake, topped it with a sugar cookie, topped with a strawberry.

I hope this was helpful.

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As if I needed another reason to love to visit Auburn, the loveliest Village, the Hotel and Conference Center out does itself every year with the creation of a gingerbread village depicting campus buildings. This year they have added The Carey Center which was recently given to the College of Human Sciences to be used as  Cary Center for the Advancement of Philanthropy and Nonprofit Studies. Make yourself hungry as you check out a “behind the scenes look”  at how they do it.

Here are a few of the other buildings in progress.
Check out the windows and roof!
This is their version of the Carey Center.
and this is the real deal.
Impressive. Don’t you love people who go above and beyond for the enjoyment of others?
If you would like to follow the progress click on this link for timeline photos.

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We have been scouting locations for a photo shoot for my new fabric line that will hit the market the first of January but in my heart there was really only one place that would do. We paid a visit today with the Governor’s representative and discussed the possibilities. Not only does it thrill me to simply walk the grounds but tears fill my eyes as I remember the kindness of Mr. Red Blount. He made his fortunes the old fashion way- hard, hard work and long hours. Then he spent his latter years giving back. And, oh, how he gave. Without this precious man there would be no Shakespeare Theater in Montgomery. The Montgomery Museum of Art certainly would not be what it is today. There would be no Blount Park and now the state is the guardian of the incredible home, conservatory and chapel that Mr. and Mrs. Blount built and their children donated for the State’s use.

As you drive onto the estate you cross this charming bridge/

Looking to your right you see this lovely bridge.

The trees still had some pretty color.

There were no trees at all on this property when the Blounts bought it. Don’t you love people with vision?

Just being on the property made me happy.

From the motor court you walk down a couple of steps into a formal garden.

And then… the pièce de résistance…. the conservatory

Be still my soul.

Bobby McAlpine, you out did yourself. Josh Moates of Kim Box Photography tells me the light in there is amazing.

Then you walk inside… and lose your breath.

David Braly did some amazing work also in the painting of the walls in the stair hall.

The pool and pool house are beyond the conservatory.

I really hope we can make this work. I can’t quite figure it out in my head yet but I have some talented friends that I am sure will help me.

Thank you Blount family for making my city beautiful. We appreciate you.

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Hi There! I have been making the folks at the curb market really happy the last two weeks with all of my purchases. Some of my favorite things to buy there are the boxwood wreaths, garlands and table runners. Down side…. they are not cheap. I am way too tired to try this for myself but I ran across a great tutorial on how to make your own  so I thought I would pass it along. Good luck and happy greening!

diy boxwood wreath

While you are visiting you might enjoy this post on “the meaning of the Christmas wreath”. I had never heard it before.

Simple Christmas wreath #burlap

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I’ve been doing a lot of shopping and have seen some fun decorating and gift ideas this year; so if you need some inspiration maybe these will trigger something for you.

Happy decorating.

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We finished stage one of our work on the Idlewild dining room and decided to roll with the forest theme for the Christmas decor. We had a blast. See what you think.

As we imagined our forest friends that would be playing in the scenery painted on the walls we began to add them to the tree.

There are nests filled with Robin and Sparrow eggs.There are angels made of pinecones.

cindy barganier

Cindy Barganier

There had to be cute little scurrying critters.


They made their way up on the chandelier so that they could spy on the reindeer grazing at the side board.


cindy barganierIMG_9437IMG_9444

cindy barganier

cindy barganier

cindy barganier

I don’t know who originally came up with the idea for those walls but they are stunning.


I am taking a break to spend a few days with my family for Thanksgiving then it will be on to Tree #2.. and 3… and 4… LOL

Happy Thanksgiving my dear friends. We’ll see you back here in a few days.

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I am working on some landscaping plans for a couple of projects and have been dreaming of gorgeous gardens. It’s funny how much you absorb of your Mother’s taste. When it comes to gardens I always fall in love with formal ones. And if they involve stone and lovely gates and statuary, so much the better. Here are some of my favs.

The iron gate and entrance to the Small Cloister at Westminster Abbey, London.

via Westminter Abbey, London, England


via Life of Polarn Per on Instagram

my favorite table for two -

via All the Kings Houses and Men


House Beautiful

via Mark D Sikes, Inc

Montecito home of designer John Saladino

via katy

Abbey House Gardens, England


Can’t you just feel the stress falling away when you put yourself inside those pictures? Well, if you have an army of gardeners that is. A girl can always dream.

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It’s that time of year again.

You better get some rest while you can! It’s baking time.


We have a full day of Christmas tree buying, garland buying, house decorating and choir practice. Hope yours is great.

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There’s nothing quite like a blustery cold day in the country putting up Thanksgiving/Christmas decorations. We got an early start with the artificial base and will add all of the fresh stuff next week. We also finished the kitchen. Woo hoo. I’m bushed but it’s a good, happy tired.

The horses all came up to speak.

The barn had its party face on.

I seriously thought it was going to snow all day. How fun would that have been!

just beautiful

Even the trees have on their sweaters.

Don’t you love these cool pumpkins we get these days… didn’t have those when I was a kid.

Feazy the Pheasant decided he didn’t want to roost in the top of the tree this year so he flew down and landed on the mantle.

Next time I go down we WILL have a cracklin fire in that fireplace. We are ready! 🙂

Happy Friday! We are going to see our first Christmas play tonight… can’t wait.

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I know that I told you I would show the finished dining room today but I just have to save it for next week. There are “happenings” too good to miss.

However, I will tease you with some shots that we took during the set-up.

A little ceiling love going up.

Experimenting with accessories

oh yeah


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