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What a weekend! Friday was spent helping our talented daughter and her can-do hubby throw a very clever celebration for Miss MC who requested a “princess rock star party with sprinkles”. haha  Saturday I put the final touches on the last 8 fabric designs- we go to print this Thursday. That night we enjoyed another fabulous wedding out on” the point” in out beautiful neighborhood and Sunday I was totally humiliated in the annual mixed-doubles tennis tournament. U-G-L-Y!!

Therefore, I have chosen to concentrate on the birthday party. Hey, it’s my blog. LOL

Getting a first peek at what’s to come.

Getting our ears on!

Daddy, I love it.

NOW, what SHALL I wear?

I don’t know, Gigi, do you think these heels?

Yes, definitely these.

“Women! Is the coast clear?” I see some cool stuff out there.”

“Dang it. She caught me.”

places are set

party attire is on

ahm, yeah…. for a 3 year old

Dick Clark, you ain’t got nuthin on us. Read the sign carefully. This is what started the whole theme. Love it.

The red carpet is ready.

The stage is set.

The stars are out.

Now, all we need are our guests!

…and here they come!

“Finally!”, he says.

It’s time to “make some noise”.

…and PARTY.

Then the band started to warm up.

There was a competition for lead singer.

And for keyboard.

My grandchild and her friends are so quiet and shy.

oh yeah

Then MC’s favorite song started to play, “bummer” has it. She was amazed.

A good time was had by all.

The next morning provided the only op for the missed family photo…. but alas, the birthday girl would rather be jumping in her castle. Happy big 3, MC. Love you.

This year The Writer and I hosted our first annual Gigi Camp and we had a blast.

Gigi Camp is all about how big of a mess you can make while Mommie is out-of-town. tee hee

It involved a lot of Dora the Explorer as you can see.

The great thing about summer is that when you get messy you can just go outside and hose off. So we did.

Little man loved it.

Then when you get all clean you can dress up like a princess and go to “Chick-a-lay” where Pop will buy you an ice cream bigger than you  are with a cherry on top.

On Day 2 you get to open a new pack of “dots”

and make Mommie a surprise.

And while you still have green arms you can learn to make your first banana pudding!

Day 3

Do you have ANY idea how big a mess you can make with flour???

“Hey Geegg…”

(by the way, Gigis end up looking ROUGH before camp is over. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

“I LOVE Gigi Camp…what’s my next s’prise?”

Way cool man! We even get to get dirty when we take a BATH!! Mommie would never believe this.

A girl can never have too many hair thingies.

“My Mommie” ( we hear that one a lot) left us cute matching outfits for every day. We tried really hard to keep those clean.

All in all, Gigi Camp was a grand success.

And Pop and I headed straight for the chiropractor!

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There’s so much to write about this week I need more days.

A sweet friend’s daughter got married this weekend and I got to help stage the reception.

There’s nothing better than being surrounded by piles and piles of fresh flowers, fresh fruit

and amazingly creative people.

Decorator extraordinaire Janna Lubert

and caterer extraordinaire Beth Bridges brought me in.

 Those two are so amazing they didn’t need me but I’m glad I got to hang out and help.

Unfortunatley, the crowds descended on us before we had time to get the cameras out so I had to shoot through people and in some cases the yummy food was already disappearing but you will get the general idea.

cheese table

This was fun.
You will be able to see in the next photo what made the coffee bar so popular.

coffee station

 Individual Krispy Kreme Donut holes in each cup on their own cute little personalized pick.

They were fighting to get to the cake. You would have been, too.

Bottom layer was strawberry.

Middle layer was red velvet.

Top layer was buttercream.

Yum. Yum.

And then there was the Groom’s table.

This is where The Writer hung out.

Individual homemade banana pudding.

At this point things got too busy for picture taking.

I am so sorry you can’t see all of the gorgeous giant lanterns,

and the enormous basket filled with tiny burlap bags filled with heart-shaped bird feeders,

or the “happily ever after” sign  hanging on the basket by the adoreable chalkboard message from the couple,

or the……..

It was fun.

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This is how I would like to give!

How much of it do you think is chocolate???

So what do you have planned for your Valentine?

I don’t think it was a Valentine’s party but it could have been. Friend Bob Vardaman,  Montgomery’s favorite event planner, dressed my favorite building in town – The Blount Conservatory- for a party last year.

I wish I had been there!

photo courtesy of McAlpine, Tanksersley

My little ballerina ( who wears her pink tutu to bed) would love this as much as her Gigi does.

You can’t believe what a great dancer I am in my head!

I’m not a fan of red roses but these are a great option!

pretty pink peonys

or these

Red bike, blue jar, pink flowers

Happy Valentine’s Day to all of my precious friends, fans and followers!

You have made my year so special.

And to The Writer,  my awesome children, MC and IV




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I am about to enter family mode so I wish you adieu until after all of the

 thanks have been expressed,

the turkey eaten


the ballgames won!

Whether you are going over the river.

Pinned Image


or through the woods

Pinned Image

photo from

I pray that yours is wonderful and blessed.

See you soon.

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Sweet Girl turns  tomorrow.

So we are headed her way to celebrate.


HaPpY bIrThDaY pRiNcEsS.


 And I hope YOUR weekend is GREAT!

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It’s a gorgeous Saturday morning and I am celebrating three of my favorite things:






beautiful mums

hundreds of pumpkins

happy faced pansies

fresh fruits and veggies

yummy yummy canned goods

Did I mention pumpkins?

I was obsessed.

happiness back in the neighborhood

Woo Hoo It’s almost time!

“All in” ( you’d have to be an Auburn fan).

Ava Rose insisted that I take her picture also.

SEE YA!! Happy Weekend.

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