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Fall is hands down my favorite season.

Sweater weather but not cold, pumpkins, new soups to try, fresh hot bread…hmmmm, football, I simply love everything about it.

Welcome Autumn. We are happy that you are here.


101 Cool Fall Wreath Ideas | Shelterness

Beautiful table setting

a mumkin

<3 <3 <3

Have a wonderful weekend.

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It’s a gorgeous Saturday morning and I am celebrating three of my favorite things:






beautiful mums

hundreds of pumpkins

happy faced pansies

fresh fruits and veggies

yummy yummy canned goods

Did I mention pumpkins?

I was obsessed.

happiness back in the neighborhood

Woo Hoo It’s almost time!

“All in” ( you’d have to be an Auburn fan).

Ava Rose insisted that I take her picture also.

SEE YA!! Happy Weekend.

If you would like to say “That was fun!” at the end of your project contact me at



At the end of this very hot summer I am gearing up to do a series of posts aimed at those who might be getting ready to build or are needing to get the house ready for the holiday season. These posts will contain very practical information like how to read a blueprint or how to draw a room to scale. They will also answer some questions that I receive often about dining room tables and lighting etc.

BUT I was just wondering…. What’s on your mind? Are there specific topics that you would like for me to cover?

After all this blog is all about YOU my faithful reader so I want to give you, to the best of my ability, the information that you are interested in. You might have a really fun topic that I had not considered. Let’s talk.

Go to the comment section and leave me your wish list. Think of it as an early Christmas list. Let’s have some fun! Thanks in advance for all of the fun ideas.

Bye Bye Summer it’s time for us to sail on to fall.

If you would like to say, “That was fun!” at the end of your project

contact me at



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