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Cindy Barganier

I understand that it is December 7 and 75 degrees but if this is the alternative… no thanks. 🙂

Have a wonderful SUNNY Christmasy day.

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Hi There! I have been making the folks at the curb market really happy the last two weeks with all of my purchases. Some of my favorite things to buy there are the boxwood wreaths, garlands and table runners. Down side…. they are not cheap. I am way too tired to try this for myself but I ran across a great tutorial on how to make your own  so I thought I would pass it along. Good luck and happy greening!

diy boxwood wreath

While you are visiting you might enjoy this post on “the meaning of the Christmas wreath”. I had never heard it before.

Simple Christmas wreath #burlap

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We finished stage one of our work on the Idlewild dining room and decided to roll with the forest theme for the Christmas decor. We had a blast. See what you think.

As we imagined our forest friends that would be playing in the scenery painted on the walls we began to add them to the tree.

There are nests filled with Robin and Sparrow eggs.There are angels made of pinecones.

cindy barganier

Cindy Barganier

There had to be cute little scurrying critters.


They made their way up on the chandelier so that they could spy on the reindeer grazing at the side board.


cindy barganierIMG_9437IMG_9444

cindy barganier

cindy barganier

cindy barganier

I don’t know who originally came up with the idea for those walls but they are stunning.


I am taking a break to spend a few days with my family for Thanksgiving then it will be on to Tree #2.. and 3… and 4… LOL

Happy Thanksgiving my dear friends. We’ll see you back here in a few days.

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There’s nothing quite like a blustery cold day in the country putting up Thanksgiving/Christmas decorations. We got an early start with the artificial base and will add all of the fresh stuff next week. We also finished the kitchen. Woo hoo. I’m bushed but it’s a good, happy tired.

The horses all came up to speak.

The barn had its party face on.

I seriously thought it was going to snow all day. How fun would that have been!

just beautiful

Even the trees have on their sweaters.

Don’t you love these cool pumpkins we get these days… didn’t have those when I was a kid.

Feazy the Pheasant decided he didn’t want to roost in the top of the tree this year so he flew down and landed on the mantle.

Next time I go down we WILL have a cracklin fire in that fireplace. We are ready! 🙂

Happy Friday! We are going to see our first Christmas play tonight… can’t wait.

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Beautiful fall table


Thanksgiving Turkey Centerpiece

via Martha Stewart


beautiful fall centerpiece

For the less is more look.

magnolia branches and pears... fall mantle


Are you ready? It’s almost time to go over the river and through the woods. One week from today for us.

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The Rock.

kristin allen 60 Incredible Patriotic Images from Photographers

May God have mercy on this great land.

Don’t forget to vote!

We live in a neighborhood that lives to get together. Just any ole excuse for a party will work. Sometimes they are planned but most are spontaneous. Today’s started with an email. “Bring something to share and meet at the big oak tree to watch the sunset and meet some new neighbors.”

cindy barganier

So gather they did. This is how we roll at The Waters.

They came bearing gifts to share.

All ages came and shared a beautiful afternoon.

Some sweet person thought to bring flowers and a tablecloth.

This table was popular

because of what was at the other end. 🙂 Andrew?

Carl smoked Conecuh sausages and made baked beans in a big iron pot.

Carl is cool.

Someone (hold onto your hat) shot a wild boar yesterday, cooked it in a pit all day and brought it up with some kickin sauce. Yep.

Someone had been playing on Pinterest me thinks.

The little ones played some football,

talked some strategy

gathered some acorns

or just generally hung out with Mom and Dad.

We even had a DJ.

Then the sun set and it was time to move on.

JUST in time to light the fire pits and turn on the flat screens for the porch parties to crank up. Time for a little SEC football. LOL

Yup, that’s how it’s done at The Waters.

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In a previous post I gave credit for this gorgeous photograph to the wrong photographer. My friend, Jon Cook should have received the credit. Visit his website at

Hellgate Canyon Cindy Barganier

Hellgate Canyon on the Rogue River

Our experience on the majestic Rogue river has been life altering. I even find my cursive flowing to the rhythm of the fly line after a day and a half fishing for the ever elusive half-pounder steelhead. Standing thigh-high in a flowing river as the sun ripples across the wake all by yourself except for your best friend and you fishing guide- the only sound the rip of the line across the water as you finish your circle on the spey cast and pull into the “J” settles you spirit. I found my very soul crying out the majesty of my God. Indeed the only fish I caught came as I sang the Hebrew blessing Baruch Atta, Adonai, “Blessed be the Name of The Lord”. But that’s another story.

The Psalms flowed through me. My mouth could not constrain them as my heart rejoiced. Entering the gap at Hellgate Pass (don’t ask me why they call it that) brought a completely different experience. The towering multi-colored walls of the canyon had me marveling at their beauty. As a textile designer I can never hope to match the beauty found in God’s creation. White became grey became black became iridescent green as layer upon layer upon layer of natural mineral cliffs rose around and above us. The class II rapids brought squeals of delight as “our hands went UP” (according to the song LOL). We wondered aloud what heaven must be like if earth is this great.

We watched the osprey skim the two foot deep crystal river snatching his supper from those living waters. The great blue heron barely turned his head as we floated past him. The salmon jumped in their teasing way but never took our bait. Life is good. God is good.

As I ask ,”What’s next?”  I sense God saying that he is not through with us yet. I rejoice for my heart’s desire is to be used of Him. To not know the peace, love and joy that Jesus gives for the asking is not an option. This life of grace is far superior to the dos and don’ts of the life trying to keep the law.

Tomorrow I will share the images and more stories that led to the above entry in my journal. Grab your sunscreen!


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