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"Oh, I see you're home early."

Hang in there. Tomorrow is another day. And it’s the WEEKEND.  Woo Hoo!

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This is the wildest Scandinavian house I have ever seen. I guess they needed some color to warm them up. LOL


Thanks to Arcilook for all of the photos.

We might not use quite that much color but

If you would like to say, “That was fun!” at then end of your project contact me at

People are forever asking me  this question, “Where do you get your ideas?”

What they really want to know is: what is the source of your inspiration?

I realize that saying “God” is a very trite sounding answer but that is the truth.

He opens my eyes when I ask and this is what I see:



and then

Pinned Image

quickwitter from tumbler

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from Dan Heller might come this.

Pinned Image

The subway ceilings in Sweden would inspire anyone.

Pinned Image

Creation never fails to inspire.

Pinned Image

And when I “happen upon” this you know you are going to be seeing color soon from Cindy.

Pinned Image

It is true that inspiration is everywhere and for a designer travel is not just something that is fun to do

it is vitally necessary for the process.

Travel is rest for my soul and food for my eyes.

It breaks open my box and forces me to see things in a different way.

It introduces me to new…… everything! 

Thanks for asking. The very question makes me happy.

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Fall is hands down my favorite season.

Sweater weather but not cold, pumpkins, new soups to try, fresh hot bread…hmmmm, football, I simply love everything about it.

Welcome Autumn. We are happy that you are here.


101 Cool Fall Wreath Ideas | Shelterness

Beautiful table setting

a mumkin

<3 <3 <3

Have a wonderful weekend.

And if you would like to say, “That was fun!” at the end of your project contact me at

It’s all a balancing act.

I am not just being difficult.

I uploaded all the latest photos using a different method and obviously WordPress doesn’t like it.

I now have 8 hours invested in trying to get the last 3 posts in this series to publish.

I think I am going to have to go back and re-upload every picture then start all over.

Sadly, there is no time for that right now.

If you have any words of wisdom I am open to all advice.


I know.. you are tired of looking at moving trucks. Me, too.

This pretty chandelier went up just in time for the furniture to arrive.

What a mess.


The right way and the wrong way to lift a 200 lb. farmhouse sink.

I am loving those lanterns and the Carrera backsplash.

And, yes folks, it took some doings but that is honed white granite on the island.

Obviously the painter had no idea what I meant about “dry brushing”.

What to do when he gets too much white paint on the brick-

fix it by faux finishing.

Marilyn Heard you would have been proud.

Can you see a difference in the fireplace?

That is Frank Rodgers, the GC walking in to check progress. He lived here this week. The cabinet doors are being installed and don’t you love the navy against the white?

This is Tudor the fabulous tile layer from Romania.

All of the tile installers that I have worked with in Florida are from there and they are perfectionists.

He was also a joy to be around.

When I needed reassurance I would go upstairs. Things were a bit more “together” up there.

The drapery installers have arrived!

W’s surprise. He loves insects so we gave him some. (He knew the name of every single one. Don’t you find that amazing?)

Tomorrow, more draperies and FURNITURE!

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It was a summer of BIG birthdays in our family this year. First hubby’s Mama, then my Daddy, then my Mama so we partied our way through June and July.

The above picture is a picture of my Mama and her brother as children. She didn’t like sitting in the grass. smile

This is before the food was added but we had a pretty little box lunch for a few of her closest friends.

I love girly food, don’t you?

She had a special chair,

and a special guest,

who helped her blow out her candles.

And because she is one of the best gardeners I have ever known and she never met a pair of new shoes or pocketbook that she didn’t love….

the centerpieces were  flower filled “tea-party” hats and handbags made of moss.

Happy Birthday Beautiful Mama. We love you!

Ponte Vedra we are standing at your gates!

Bless your heart. We are packing trucks, cars and vans for moving day and you have no idea what has been happening for the last month.

We must take care of that mustn’t we?

Well this is the community

and if you are a golfer you need no introduction.

The house started out looking like this:


lots of gold…

and damask

And these guys ( I don’t think they will make the cut for over the guest bed)

This must be my year for strange soffitts.

This is a large room but the way it was arranged made it feel unusable.

Up next, the beginning inspiration images and then DEMO!!!

If you want to say, “That was fun!” at then end of your project contact me at

steam engine cindy barganier

Have you ever felt like life was coming at you like this? LOL

Well that’s where I am right now but in a very good, amazingly good,


I knew that May was going to be busy but I had no idea…

10 days ago I accepted a major house renovation in a city just north of us.

Two days later I received an email from a blog reader that I didn’t even know about who invited me to help with their (beautiful) new home in Hayneville, Alabama.

Then, remember this house?

Watercolor, Florida cindy barganier

This was the first Watercolor, Florida house.

The owners have been transferred and called to say that this sold last Tuesday fully furnished except for the upstairs bedrooms whose furniture will go with them for the sake of continuity for the children. They are now seriously in the housing market.

Wednesday… the new owners called and hired me to finish the second floor for them.

Friday…. former owners called. THEY BOUGHT A HOUSE!!!


So I am flying here (Ponte Vedra Beach)

(Yes, golfers, that is the Player’s Club at Sawgrass)

to begin the renovation of this

Then, the end of May brings the move-in of the new family into Watercolor #1

followed two days later by the move-in of Watercolor #2

30A cindy barganier

All of this to say two things:

God is indeed faithful to His Word and I’m not going to have a lot of time for blogging BUT stay with me because when I come up for air I will have some really great things to share with you.

In the meantime, I would ask for your prayers  and


It’s gonna be a wild ride.

If you would like to say, “That was fun!” at the end of your project contact me at

My goodness. I have completely ignored you.  I am sorry.

My only excuse is: 4 weddings, speaking engagement, work trip to Florida designing 3 lines of fabric and now…

this afternoon…..

flying to New York to present said fabrics.

Pray please. 🙂

“PLEASE call me (or a designer you trust) BEFORE you start making major purchases in your house.

Trust me, you will save money and as a client just said to me last week; Ugly costs the same as Pretty. Clients that call me BEFORE they make major decisions are so HAPPY that they did!”

I love this quote from Maria at Color Me Happy. She has recently encountered the situation that all designers dread, the phone call from the potential client that should have come in 6 months earlier. They are now way down the stream of decision-making, are about to hit the rapids and want you to save them.

We can’t.

It is so sad to me when I see people who think it is too expensive to use a professional so they buy inexpensive things or just inappropriate things and in the end have to call us in anyway and end up spending double.

Worse than that are the ones who hire a professional but don’t like what they hear, think they can do it for less and…. same story.

See you SOON my gracious friends… promise.

If you would like to say, “That was fun!” at the end of your project please contact me at

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