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This is the wildest Scandinavian house I have ever seen. I guess they needed some color to warm them up. LOL


Thanks to Arcilook for all of the photos.

We might not use quite that much color but

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People are forever asking me  this question, “Where do you get your ideas?”

What they really want to know is: what is the source of your inspiration?

I realize that saying “God” is a very trite sounding answer but that is the truth.

He opens my eyes when I ask and this is what I see:



and then

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quickwitter from tumbler

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from Dan Heller might come this.

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The subway ceilings in Sweden would inspire anyone.

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Creation never fails to inspire.

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And when I “happen upon” this you know you are going to be seeing color soon from Cindy.

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It is true that inspiration is everywhere and for a designer travel is not just something that is fun to do

it is vitally necessary for the process.

Travel is rest for my soul and food for my eyes.

It breaks open my box and forces me to see things in a different way.

It introduces me to new…… everything! 

Thanks for asking. The very question makes me happy.

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Fall is hands down my favorite season.

Sweater weather but not cold, pumpkins, new soups to try, fresh hot bread…hmmmm, football, I simply love everything about it.

Welcome Autumn. We are happy that you are here.


101 Cool Fall Wreath Ideas | Shelterness

Beautiful table setting

a mumkin

<3 <3 <3

Have a wonderful weekend.

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We aren’t finished as you will see.

The mantle shelf has still not arrived. The kitchen hood is not up and I am the photographer

but this will give you a great idea of where we started and how far we have come.

I hope you enjoyed the journey.


Foyer- AFTER

Soon these chairs will be lacquered white and covered in this fabric.

Dining Room – BEFORE

Dining Room – AFTER

We are waiting for 4 of these to arrive to finish out the table.

Ferrel Dining Arm Chair

Kitchen – BEFORE

I failed to get the proper angles to show the complete renovation. We will be sure to do that next visit.

Note the use of swivel chairs in the family area so that you can join conversations at both ends of the room.

Great Room – BEFORE

Living Room- BEFORE

iving Room – AFTER

Master Bedroom- BEFORE

Master Bedroom- AFTER ( minus bedding)

That’s about as far as I got with picture taking.

After this, it was about time for us to go.

Took one last peek at the golf course. No excuse for not having your putt down.

Took Jeff to see the club.

Player’s Club

And bid adieu.

We’ll be back in October for a little touching up.

Thanks for sticking with me. Did I give you more details that you wanted?

I really would like to know. This is all for you after-all.

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To read the whole story start here.

On Day 5 the ditch from the new septic connection for the added bath was filled.

We reminded each other for the hundredth time to duck.  LOL


The dragonflies completed their flight to their new habitat.

They brought some butterflies with them.

We finished hanging the last of the heavy mirrors. (That man can do anything.  ANYTHING I tell you.)

Jeff made a run into Jacksonville to pick up some art from local artist John Beard.

We cleaned up all of the mess.

We finished unpacking all of the glassware.

Then, at last, it was time to show off our work.

Since the owners had the advantage of knowing what everything looked like before (we even had fun reviewing the pictures before they went inside)

I am going to break this into two parts.

I will show you their expressions as

they see things for the first time then I will do a separate post and allow you to see before and after pictures for yourself.

Checking out the killer kurtain. 🙂

People ask me why we are willing to do so much, work so hard on move-ins. This is why.

And this..

And when tears start, I would do it all over again … right then.

NO, that’s not really the bedding. I was just trying to cover up the mattresses.

Time to see for yourself. Let me go find the befores and I will be right back.

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If you are just joining us start here to read from the beginning of this project.

Finally, we were able to bring in our crew. The “Gowan Iron Made” bed canopy was gorgeous but a real jig-saw puzzle to install.

The bed dressings are so much prettier/softer if you sew the rings on rather than use pleat pins.

HOWEVER, that means that you have to hang the panels on the rod before the rod is installed.

Tricky. And heavy.

Peep eye.

This is where my prayer life got a lot of exercise.

I don’t know that I have ever been as nervous OK, SCARED, on a job as I was with this.

The ceilings in the foyer are 30′ tall. There is a lot of glass and the sun turns that part of the house into a literal sauna every afternoon.

The floors were faded and warped and had to be replaced.

I was my job to “get rid of the sun and heat”.

The only real option was to drape the entire wall ceiling to floor and use a remote controlled electronic rod.

Gorgeous effect… dramatic beyond words… but the installation process changed my hair color significantly.

That poor guy,  had never done this before. He was on a 30′ extension ladder with a 15′ rod and motor trying to keep it balanced.

I will spare you the nail biting details but we finally got to the point where we-he- could hang the first panel.

Remember, no one can go up that ladder with him so he ended up with the full weight of 30+ feet of lined linen on his shoulder while he climbed that blasted ladder and tried to man-handle the pins onto the hooks.

We were so relieved when he accomplished it… until we realized he had to come down and start all over again to get the second panel.

At this point I excused myself and went outside to rip apart a chair?

 Seriously? No, I was praying my head off that he wouldn’t fall to the marble floor.

We insisted that they take a break. None of us had eaten all day which leads to some serious “shakes” when you get this tired.

It’s just not even fair when you test the remote and it doesn’t work after all that work.

Fortunately, it was an easy fix and we were back in business.

After both sides are up you STILL have to trudge back up those who-knows-how-many steps to carry the cornice that attaches to the front.

This should have been the easy part. However, the spring activated locks would not pop.

I started pacing in the back room again.

“Father, just give him two “pops”. That’s all he needs. Please make those dad gum things do what they are supposed to do so that nice,exhausted man can go home!”

POP!    POP!

Hallelujah Thine the Glory.

This process began at 1:30 that afternoon.

At 9:40 that night the four of us collapsed outside on the steps too tired to go any further.

Thank you     for your tireless work. It truly does look stunning.

The beauty of the concierge move-in service is that the client does not have to experience any of this stress.

Up next?


If you would like to say,”That was fun!” at the end of your project contact us at

It’s all a balancing act.

I am not just being difficult.

I uploaded all the latest photos using a different method and obviously WordPress doesn’t like it.

I now have 8 hours invested in trying to get the last 3 posts in this series to publish.

I think I am going to have to go back and re-upload every picture then start all over.

Sadly, there is no time for that right now.

If you have any words of wisdom I am open to all advice.


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