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I had the opportunity to collaborate with my good friend Stan Godwin of Godwin Jones Architecture and Design on a very exciting project a while back. It’s always fun when you get to work with friends but especially so when the client has the world’s largest collection of original American Art. He even owns his own museum to house it! Imagine my excitement the day that I got to roam the museum saying, “I think we’ll use this Sargant in the Foyer, the Walkers in the Keeping Room and put the Peaceable Kingdom here.” What a trip.

If you are ever near Tuscaloosa , Alabama please make time to visit the Westervelt-Warner Museum of American Art and see this truly astounding collection. You won’t be sorry. And while you’re there spend the night at the lodge that is adjacent to it. The rooms contain prints of the paintings – you can even purchase one to take home with you. If you’re REALLY lucky you might even get a guided tour by Mr. Warner himself. He knows every thing there is to know about every piece of art in the place and speaks of them as if they were his children. I am going to attempt to post a clip showing Mr. Warner giving a tour to whet your appetite. In the meantime enjoy these still shots courtesy of the museum.

Maurice Prendergast

Jasper Cropsey-Autumn on the River

John Stobart- Magnolia Landin

John Faed- Washington Taking Salute

Albert Bierstadt– Seal Rock  

William Walker

Thomas Cole– Kattarskill Falls


I failed to post some really great ones so I decided to go back and add them in. Some will start you thinking about the holidays!

party inspiration

What could be easier than  artichokes and rosemary for a simple yet elegant table?

 I told you  I would have you thinking holidays. Pomegranates and greenery just make me happy. I love splitting them open but  you have to careful. Their juice will stain anything.

baby trees



                                     ….and why oh why did I never think to use pizza paddles as placemats? Genius.


no more excuses

Saying “I can’t arrange florals therefore I can’t do fresh.” just simply won’t cut it. Here that lush, velvety cockscomb stuck in a pretty container of water is the perfect juxtaposition of “off” color and texture and creates an exciting and inviting table.

 I have always loved the look of antique family silver, old barnwood, white linens and burlap so of course I would love this. It’s simple, yet timeless and oh-so-elegant. All it needs is slip-covered garden chairs with hand-painted initials.


 Elle Decor had an interesting article on paints that I thought you might enjoy.

Color Picks From the Pros

Ever wonder what colors the top interior designers use time and again? We asked, and they delivered—divulging some of their favorite go-to hues.

Written by Tim McKeough

 Alessandra Branca

Farrow & Ball Skylight 205—“It is a calming and versatile color and mixes with black lacquer wonderfully,” says Branca, who describes the hue (shown) as “a Venetian blue gray.”

Signal Red RAL 3001 from Fine Paints of Europe—“My favorite stock red lacquer,” says Branca. “It is warm, relaxed, and mixes beautifully with so many other colors.”

Granary Glow 7062T from Fine Paints of Europe (shown)—This color “is such pure sunshine and warmth,” she says. “It makes you grin with delight.”

Jamie Drake

Benjamin Moore PT-280 Icy Mist—“An ethereal color with a magical sheen” that “adds luster, drama, and a sense of movement to a space,” says Drake.

Benjamin Moore 2015-30 Calypso Orange—“A sizzling, chic tone,” he says. “It can send any room into a samba dance.”

Benjamin Moore’s 2067-60 Windmill Wings—This hue is “a breezy blue with just a touch of red in it for warmth,” he says. “The perfect color to evoke a cloud-free summer sky.”

Alexa Hampton

Benjamin Moore HC-68 Middlebury Brown—“There are many dark browns that have heaps of red in them, and they’re too hot and sticky,” says Hampton. This shade, however, “is a cool dark brown with lots of gray.”

Benjamin Moore 925 Ivory White—“It’s the perfect creamy off-white,” she says.

Donald Kaufman Color DKC 16—“Over the past two years, my palette has been getting cooler,” says Hampton. This color fits the bill because it’s a “grayed-out taupe.”

Jay Jeffers

Benjamin Moore 2088-40 Persimmon—“It is the perfect red,” says Jeffers, offering “just enough warmth without being so over-the-top.”

Benjamin Moore 1470 Bear Creek—This hue “is my go-to trim color,” he says. “It’s a bold statement in a room and works great with both warm and cool colors.”

Mary McDonald

Benjamin Moore HC-69 Whitall Brown—“It instantly creates a feeling of enveloping comfort,” says McDonald. “You can pair it with a pastel or neutral for a softer bedroom, or something bold like red for a library.”

Benjamin Moore HC-166 Kendall Charcoal—“My go-to drama color,” she says. “Even with simple white upholstery it elevates the style quotient tenfold.”

Benjamin Moore HC-156 Van Deusen Blue—“A mix between Swedish royalty and a yacht vibe” that appeals to men and women alike, she says.

Vicente Wolf

Benjamin Moore 2135-70 Patriotic White—“I love colors that are mercurial — they are white in bright sunlight and as the light changes the color starts to come to the surface,” says Wolf. “Patriotic White is that perfect color for me.”

Benjamin Moore 012 Coral Reef—“It makes everybody look sun-kissed,” he says. “It’s a warm color, which instantly makes one smile.

Benjamin Moore 1-02 Super White—This hue is “my favorite no-color,” says Wolf. “It plays up the architecture

And what about mine you might ask? That’s hard because I don’t use colors over and over again- each of my clients is a unique individual so I tend to follow their lead but there are some that always seem to work.


Benjamin Moore     Texas Leather– This is a wonderful warm brown-gray that feels very sophisticated. I love it in dining rooms or powder rooms.

Benjamin Moore   Wythe Blue–  This soft blue-green is a wonderful bedroom color. It feels like a luxury hotel only better.

Benjamin Moore   Shelburne Buff– a nice gold

Benjamin Moore   Henderson Buff– I have NO idea where they got this name. The paint is a fairly vivid yellow-green.   It’s a fun youthful color if you want to shake things up a bit.

Benjamin Moore 1548 Classic Gray I love this paired with  HC 168 Chelsea gray on baseboards. 1550 Cumulus cloud is also great.

There are too many– you decide! What are your favorites?

I am thinking photo shoots these days therefore I am thinking tablescapes so I thought I would share some really beautiful ones I ran across while trying to get myself motivated!

what a charming place for a dinner party

artichokes and rosemary in creamware-perfect

purple, purple and more purple


so simple yet so great

So many of you have begged to see pictures of the wedding and I have, until now, not had a convenient way to let you see them. You might be sorry that you asked when you see how many there are but hey I culled a lot . I started out with 800! The ones that I finally settled on hopefully tell the story of a wonderful ,magical evening for our family. I am happy to share them with you.

Arrival at church: the bride designed all of the wedding party dresses except for hers.

I think we are ready!

Vera Wang is a detail genius. We loved these French lace and tule flowers.

There’s my beautiful baby girl.

Sharing a special moment with Daddy.

Three generations. What a blessing to have lovely Nannah there.

It’s almost time….. FINALLY!

Good lookin’ Papa!

The mob. LOL

I love this sweet picture of Mama and groom having a shared moment on the way to the church.

And these are my all time favorites as I present Mac with his gift from Megan…


It was a priceless moment. 🙂

Meg and the little girls-SO cute they were.

Brothers and sisters dancing.

After the trumpet call.

Seeing all of their special friends who made the effort to attend.

so happy

Mr. and Mrs!

My favorite part of the reception was the white benches around the up-lit olive trees.

When you mix a designer daughter and a designer Mother you get a little different look.Megan wanted nothing round and no rented linens SO we hand built all of the tables, covered them in wallpaper liner and lacquered them white. Even the cake was square and comprised of all their favorite flavors.

potato bar.. looks really good…. I wouldn’t know…

Cousins enjoying the shrimp and grits….I wouldn’t know about that either.

If you want perfectly manicured rye grass for your center pieces start now and grow a LOT of it.

Chi Omega’s–some of the sweetest girls in the universe.

Cut the cake…..

The oh so dapper best man.

The toast.

Gettin’ down with Mama

Gettin’ down with Daddy

There was a very touching moment as Father and Daughter danced to the song, “Two of a Kind”while an “old home movie” of pictures of Megan and her Daddy from birth thru engagment played. The film was her surprise to him and a thank you for her very special night. There wasn’t a dry eye.

Gettin’ down together

Gettin’ serious

get down, get down get down get down tonight baybeh

I know what you’re thinking..yes, people in the South do normally wear shoes to weddings but dew had fallen and the dance floor was as slick as ice. Stilettos and ice don’t mix.

We had fun!

The groom had to sing too. I love that ring finger.

“I think ya’ll are going to have to get going Baby…our guests look tired. ” 😦

“We forgot the let Mac play the drums!”

Play that funky music white boy- classic!

He’s really good!

Grab some lavender everyone.

oooo, we smelled good for MONTHS ha ha

The shop was closed for a WEEK while Mom and Dad slept in the mountains.

Thanks for wanting to see the pictures. I hope you enjoyed the show.

Well I told you that I have started designing fabrics and furniture. One of my fabric patterns was purchased by Duralee Fabrics last year and is now available in about 40 countries worldwide. It was such a thrill to be able to visit the corporate headquarters in Manhattan and present my work to the head designer and come away with a “Yes!” Jeff and I made the most of it by staying at The Ritz. I couldn’t wipe the grin off my face. ha ha


The pattern is featured in their Linea Graphics collection and is shown in four different colorways. Check it out wherever Duralee Fabrics are sold.

 The morning after the announcement appeared in the paper that the fabric was on the market Mr. Marty Rosenberger President of Duralee flew to Alabama to meet me and Jeff. It was his first trip to Bama- thus the Vintage Alabama book that we presented to him- and such a thrill to be able to spend the morning with him telling him of my dreams for the future. He in return told us all about when his father started the company. His job as a little boy was to hand cut the samples and tie them with a string for his Daddy to deliver to all of the decorators. The screen printing operation was in an abandoned chicken coop because it gave them the long skinny space that was necessary for a full piece of grey goods ( unprinted fabric) to be spread out for continuous printing. Can you imagine??? “You’ve come a long way Baby!”

There it is!! WE DID IT. YEA!!!!!

My wonderful friend and fabric rep. Martin Choate was there for the meeting also. She is my biggest cheerleader and a great source of encouragement. I love you Martin!

Several weeks later Martin called me from Huntsville on a Sunday afternoon screaming,”You’re never gonna believe this! I’m at a little clothing boutique looking at a line of clothing called 3 Sisters and they have a coat made out of YOUR FABRIC! OH MY GOSH!!!!!

Yep, sure enough there it is- first on the left- being sold at all the major apparel markets around the country. I love God’s favor.

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