I failed to post some really great ones so I decided to go back and add them in. Some will start you thinking about the holidays!

party inspiration

What could be easier than  artichokes and rosemary for a simple yet elegant table?

 I told you  I would have you thinking holidays. Pomegranates and greenery just make me happy. I love splitting them open but  you have to careful. Their juice will stain anything.

baby trees



                                     ….and why oh why did I never think to use pizza paddles as placemats? Genius.


no more excuses

Saying “I can’t arrange florals therefore I can’t do fresh.” just simply won’t cut it. Here that lush, velvety cockscomb stuck in a pretty container of water is the perfect juxtaposition of “off” color and texture and creates an exciting and inviting table.

 I have always loved the look of antique family silver, old barnwood, white linens and burlap so of course I would love this. It’s simple, yet timeless and oh-so-elegant. All it needs is slip-covered garden chairs with hand-painted initials.