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Here are some ideas for that special hostess gift.

Simply Sophisticated Wine Wrap


love these for stocking stuffers!

Gracious Hostess Gifts

Hostess Gifts

Easy Hostess Gifts

gift wrap /gift idea

They will love it!

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I gave up on a lot of picture taking in order to simply finish on time but I think all trees, bows, garlands, tables etc. are up…… except for mine. Alas. LOL

Note those two giant trees happily soaking in the background. Oh yeah, Baby.

Cindy Barganier

Don’t you love that awesome jeep. There is quite a love story surrounding it.

cindy barganier

Cindy Elf had it loaded to the gills with fresh greenery. I am pretty much a purist in that regard.

cindy barganier


cindy barganier

cindy barganier

cindy barganier

Color they scream. What color is it? All soft blues, whites, bronze with tiny pops of red, yellow and orange on the birds that make their nests in the tree.

cindy barganier

I am leaving you for few days as we spend some Christmas time with family.  See you in a few.

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Do you feel like you have a party a night, each requiring a dish to share? Need some ideas? Here are some that I found interesting. I hope they will make your life a little easier.

Christmas Party Food Ideas

Recipe here (I liked this one because it can be made in advance)

Reindeer donuts - so stinkin' cute and easy!

Recipe here  (quick and super easy)

Christmas food

recipe here (beautiful and healthy)

food desing for christmas

There was no recipe but it looks to me like they cut circles out of a chocolate sheet cake, topped it with a sugar cookie, topped with a strawberry.

I hope this was helpful.

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I’ve been doing a lot of shopping and have seen some fun decorating and gift ideas this year; so if you need some inspiration maybe these will trigger something for you.

Happy decorating.

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I am working on some landscaping plans for a couple of projects and have been dreaming of gorgeous gardens. It’s funny how much you absorb of your Mother’s taste. When it comes to gardens I always fall in love with formal ones. And if they involve stone and lovely gates and statuary, so much the better. Here are some of my favs.

The iron gate and entrance to the Small Cloister at Westminster Abbey, London.

via Westminter Abbey, London, England


via Life of Polarn Per on Instagram

my favorite table for two -

via All the Kings Houses and Men


House Beautiful

via Mark D Sikes, Inc

Montecito home of designer John Saladino

via katy

Abbey House Gardens, England


Can’t you just feel the stress falling away when you put yourself inside those pictures? Well, if you have an army of gardeners that is. A girl can always dream.

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I know that I told you I would show the finished dining room today but I just have to save it for next week. There are “happenings” too good to miss.

However, I will tease you with some shots that we took during the set-up.

A little ceiling love going up.

Experimenting with accessories

oh yeah


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If you missed part 1 of  My Fabric Line Is On The Market click here.

With roll upon roll of fabrics and wallcoverings ready to be either printed or shipped I was a girl in paradise.

This big, bad boy is the steamer room that will make charcoal out of you in nothing flat. It is here that excess dye is removed and sizing is added to give the fabric a soft hand.

The very first decision that has to be made before printing can begin is which ground fabric you want to use. There are hundreds of options from Belgian linen to China Silk. Within each category are sub-categories based on weight, finish etc.

The grey goods are pre-washed to remove any impurities or finishes that might be on them that would affect printing.

Stroheim and Romann -maybe?

This machine “re-squares the fabric if it has become skewed during the print process.
Now here is the mind blower for me as I scroll through the next few images…..

That’s right,,, that says RALPH

Thibaut Wallpaper

Duralee/Highland Court ready to ship

Lots of Thibaut

Was this Waverly? I couldn’t keep up.

That’s just lots of good old fashion paint and dye folks. Watch your clothes!

Making sure the Purchase Order matches the goods.

So these people now print for Duralee, Highland Court, Thibaut, Kelly Werstler, Ralph Lauren, Schumacher…… and ….. me?

 How does that even happen. God is amazing.

Stay tuned for the final installment of old world meets new in the land of fabric design.

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What artist wouldn’t be happy with a post that opens with a picture like that!

This was not planned to happen this fast but when a client sees your designs for fabrics,  flips and says,

“I want to use it”

you find a way to make it happen- right?

It was a case of right time, right place, and, God’s favor.

One of the plants that prints for Duralee is experimenting with digital printing as opposed to hand printing and they needed a guinea pig. I had a mountain of fabric designs that had so many colors they HAD to be printed digitally and I needed a printer. God put us together.

I warn you, this is going to be a long post so I will break it up into bite size pieces but I think you will find it fascinating.

hand screen printing

Traditionally, fabrics have been made a couple of different ways. The oldest method and most expensive is custom, hand screening where two people walk opposite each other down a long table filled with fabric and drag a wooden squeegee over screens made of silk to push dye through the silk. There is a different screen for every single color. For instance, if the pattern has red flowers with brown stems and green leaves, the guys walk the length of the table applying the brown first, one repeat at a time, for the entire 60 yards of fabric. Then they remove that screen and get the one with the flowers on it and do the same thing applying the red, then grab the third screen and apply the green etc, etc, etc.  It is very labor intensive and one little mistake can ruin an entire run.

silk screens

fabric ready for screening

rows and rows of screens for different fabrics or papers

Then some amazingly smart person figured out how to cut the patterns onto large drums and have a machine do the work of the sqeeggee men.The color is laid simultaneously as the fabric passes along the conveyor belt.

This is what the drums look like. This would be the “screen” for one color.

rotary printers

The bolt of washed fabric, called grey goods at this point, is feed onto the conveyor belt very carefully so that it is precisely timed to arrive at the next color station after the previous part of the pattern has been printed.

Now this is where it starts to get really fun. Can  you see that each tube or drum has a different part of the over-all design on it? One has the tree trunk, another the branches, another the leaves, then the birds etc.

You can literally just walk down the ramp and watch the pattern come to life right in front of you.

I have always loved factories. They fascinate me.

In person, you can look through the end of the tube and watch the color squirting through the openings.

first one color

then another

until finally

you have the finished deal

Doesn’t that just make you want to cheer???

final product

I think this is a Schumacher pattern but I am not sure. This machine squares the fabric up and heat sets the dye.

yuk, it’s stiff

As it rolls off the belt it is inspected for appropriate color, pattern match etc and adjustments are made. The fabric is very stiff at this point. You would not want to sit on it.

This machine is called a calander and it adds finish. Two rollers, one with heat and pressure and one with cold, squeeze the fabric as it goes through. To make a chintz the skids shine it like a spit-shine.

being prepared for sizing

It will next be sent basically to a VERY hot steam bath where any excess dye will be washed away and sizing will be added to make the fabric soft and pliable.

We will continue our lesson on how fabric is made tomorrow.

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I want to say a big THANK YOU to Teresa of Splendid Sass Blog who called me several months ago wanting to write a feature on me and the new furniture line. The story appeared yesterday and I wanted to share it with you.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011



Wow! Teresa that was amazing. I love all of my new friends that I have made in the wonderful world of blogging.

Everyone subscribe to Splendid Sass. You won’t be sorry.

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