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Beautiful fall table


Thanksgiving Turkey Centerpiece

via Martha Stewart


beautiful fall centerpiece

For the less is more look.

magnolia branches and pears... fall mantle


Are you ready? It’s almost time to go over the river and through the woods. One week from today for us.

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It is truly amazing the difference a wide angle lens, light umbrellas and …hmmm-know-how make in the results of a picture. Thank you Scott Smith for these beautiful shots.

I still think it is so much fun to see before and after shots -this time with the professional advantage.

The Ponte Vedra Beach Project

kitchen before

kitchen before

kitchen after

kitchen after

great room before

great room before

cindy barganier interiors
great room before

blue and turquoise family rooms

great room after

dining before

Dining After

Dining After

foyer before

foyer after

foyer after

foyer before

foyer after

foyer after

Cindy Barganier Interiors

foyer after

Yep, that really is a buffalo head hanging on the wall.

guest room before

guest room after

guest room after

Cindy Barganier Interiors

hallway leading to guest room

master before

Master Bedroom After

Master Bedroom After

Master Bedroom After

Master Bedroom After

Cindy Barganier Interiors

master vignette

Thanks E and R for another great project. We love working for you!

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We are in the final stages of a few kitchen renovations and the beginning phase of a new one. The new one has me stumped today. I can’t find an image to adequately convey to the builder what is in my head for the island. It will for sure be a painted finish. It will be a blueish-gray with an umber glaze but we are thinking about painting something on the end like an old stenciled sign look. I don’t know. Any ideas? I need some help here!

These are a few of the million images I looked at yesterday on Houzz and Pinterest.

I liked the hardware on this one.


Love the end panel and the stools being in-set.

Mixed door styles and finishes. Traditional kitchens often use multiple finishes. Sometimes you'll see one color or style cabinet on the perimeter and another on the island, for example. And you don't have to stop at just two; feel free to mix in a tall cabinet with a natural stained-wood tone. Even a section of cabinets such as a breakfast bar or butler's pantry can be done in a third or fourth color. Mixing finishes gives traditional kitchens a collected-over-time fee

Like that there’s no wasted space.

Great Kitchen Island!

LOVE the rounded ends

III DomA Architects, Inc. III - traditional - kitchen - san francisco - Doma Architects, Inc.

Kinda digging the old wood added in…hmmm

Antique Kitchen Islands

Like the simpleness of this.


SEE, I’m all over the board on this. Help me out people. What am I trying to say!!!! LOL

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Yesterday I had Marilyn painting a tree branch on a ceiling, today I asked for an entire forest. I am just going to offer you a sneak peak of what is to come. This wonderful old Tudor in the historic  Idlewild area of our city is getting just what it deserves: a large loving family to fill it with joy and laughter again. Those eight tiny feet and four more substantial ones had long ago outgrown the tiny breakfast room so we are giving them a dining room that will make all ages want to linger and linger around the table.


Inspired by a photograph of a house I saw years ago in Southern Accents we set out to provide a backdrop against which the children would sit at the table each night and create stories concerning what was taking place in their magical woodland picnic room. I can already see my own little furry friends rustling through the leaves, rolling down the hills and bidding me come play. I just love it. I know they will, too.

Thank you Marilyn Heard. I love you.

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We have been doing some really exciting work recently involving the renovation of  older homes. I have the best team in the universe. Hands down.

To refresh your memory I am going to share a few of the before pictures from the Union Springs project and then show you where we are to date… almost finished!

breakfast room before

kitchen before-sink wall

This one makes me giggle. It looks like Mark and Marilyn are thinking the exact same thing, “Hmmmm, what in the world is she going to do with this?”


We gutted it and started over; Said “bye,bye” to the oppressive green and the 1980’s border; moved the sink under the window where it belonged to take advantage of the wonderful garden view and re-configured the work stations. The orange terra cotta floors tiles were replaced with 2″ oak to match the rest of the house. The tiny wall ovens were replaced with a jaw dropping commercial Wolf.

See what you think so far.

oving that Carrera going up! Notice the lovely base piece that sets the subways apart.

I think the hood is going to be amazing and I can’t wait to see the pot filler and sconces go up.

Beautiful new hood

The ceiling fan is coming down. Beautiful over-sized lanterns will take its place. One serendipitous thing that happened was that in the process of scraping back to the final layer of paint on the plaster corner units we hit the most lovely shades of blue-greens and yellows that echo the feel and color of the original handpainted murals in the dining room(just behind that closed door). Marilyn and I happened to arrive at work and walk into the room at the same time one morning. The plan had been for her to repaint the cabinet that day. At the same moment we said,”We can’t paint over this.” It is just too great the way it is. Sooooo, instead she just stabilized the paint so that it wouldn’t flake anymore, clean it up a bit and sealed it. We are now building the room around that element.

For instance, look back at the above picture; see how plain the ceiling now appears compared to the rich texture of the cabinet? This spring we will be expanding the size of the veranda that this rooms spills onto and a pergola will be built to provide protection from the hot afternoon sun. Knowing that this was the master plan I began to dream about bringing that outside element into the room. Inspired by a James Sampsel painting that Jeff and I just purchased I asked Marilyn Heard to paint the ceiling to look like a big branch from the oak tree outside  was reaching into the room and offering shelter. The leaf colors would echo those found in the recently discovered palettes from years gone by.

Originally the plan was to do this as eglomise’, a technique which involves reverse painting on glass. We were going to use acrylic mirror as the base since it was a ceiling installations but this did not prove to be practical so in the end we simply painted the ceiling  adding subtle doses of silver leaf and metallic paints to create the  magical effects with light play that the eglomise’ would have offered.

Hopefully, on Monday I will be able to show you everything except for the rugs and new chair seats.

What do you think so far?

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The Rock.

kristin allen 60 Incredible Patriotic Images from Photographers

May God have mercy on this great land.

Don’t forget to vote!

We live in a neighborhood that lives to get together. Just any ole excuse for a party will work. Sometimes they are planned but most are spontaneous. Today’s started with an email. “Bring something to share and meet at the big oak tree to watch the sunset and meet some new neighbors.”

cindy barganier

So gather they did. This is how we roll at The Waters.

They came bearing gifts to share.

All ages came and shared a beautiful afternoon.

Some sweet person thought to bring flowers and a tablecloth.

This table was popular

because of what was at the other end. 🙂 Andrew?

Carl smoked Conecuh sausages and made baked beans in a big iron pot.

Carl is cool.

Someone (hold onto your hat) shot a wild boar yesterday, cooked it in a pit all day and brought it up with some kickin sauce. Yep.

Someone had been playing on Pinterest me thinks.

The little ones played some football,

talked some strategy

gathered some acorns

or just generally hung out with Mom and Dad.

We even had a DJ.

Then the sun set and it was time to move on.

JUST in time to light the fire pits and turn on the flat screens for the porch parties to crank up. Time for a little SEC football. LOL

Yup, that’s how it’s done at The Waters.

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I am fascinated by all of the unique tubs that are being used. Here are some of  the more unusual.

outdoor tub

ellergy: BATHTUBS THAT'S BEYOND BEAUTIFUL: 20 Unique bath tubs

ellergy: BATHTUBS THAT'S BEYOND BEAUTIFUL: 20 Unique bath tubs

Unique bath tubs


ahhh…. no

ellergy: BATHTUBS THAT\'S BEYOND BEAUTIFUL: 20 Unique bath tubs

Great tub

My favorite one, a hollowed out log on a stone porch, I can’t find. Now where did I put that picture? hmmm ( The Writer is rolling his eyes).

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