I love getting inside the heads of designers to see how they think through a project and this one was so much fun to me. The boat in which the  Camper Shoes team will sail around the world in the Volvo Ocean Race made its debut in the London harbor last week. Mark Farrow of London designed the vessel and it is a thing of beauty.

Putting no restrictions on the design team Camper simply said,”Do whatever you think looks good.” Can you say dream project?

Below are the early inspiration boards as Farrow began to play around with Camper’s logo to see what would emerge.


One day he realized that if you inverted the logo you got the shape of a wave. (see far right hand side) He then colored it blue and began to repeat the shape over and over and ended up with … well, the ocean.

All excited he shared his discovery with team Camper whose response was,

“But wouldn’t it disappear on the water?”

LOL Oh, yeah.

Back to the drawing board.

But if you twist those “waves” and overlap them and color them shades of red you get something that is both eye-catching and energizing!!!

So maybe this could be the mainsail but what about the hulls?

Out came the supplies for model making and suddenly little hulls appeared all over the office.

I think we’re onto something. Let’s keep rolling!

Who knew that you create a sailboat the same way you do furniture?

Here is the winning design.

And here is the real deal!

Next,they had to come up with many different sail variations because each weather condition requires a different weight and size sail. Even the thickness of the paint or ink has to taken into consideration.

Here are just a hand full of the final designs

This was a favorite of theirs and mine

It appears that the logo used on the other sail is blowing away in the wind.

To keep up with team Camper follow them on their Facebook page.

Thanks to Creative Review for all photos.

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