For some reason this post never got published. It looked a lot like last year when we started loading the trucks to head to 30A.

Same song, second verse…

if you add about 6 hours to the trip.

However, since we skipped it I decide to  show you the middle section because it was too cool to omit. I will pick up in the middle of the post:

We thought OUR move was hard but look what was taking place just outside our door.


At least we weren’t attempting to move a HOUSE.

This was so much fun. I just adore watching the process. And it’s a process.


At least they didn’t have far to go.

This used to be our tennis pro shop but then the community outgrew the post office.


Don’t you think this will be the cutest Post Office?

And the flag pole is already in place.



All it needs is the rocking chairs and the neighbors.


Check ya later!

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