Continuing on yesterday’s vein, let’s talk today about balance.


Balance, scale and proportion all work together to create a unified whole.

When you get these three right you have a space that is inviting.

welcome over screen porch door

from daily cup of couture

From the outside in, balance sets the tone. It doesn’t always have to be set by symmetry but it is easiest to see this way.

Here, balance is achieved through the repetition of shapes.

beautiful architectural windows and doorway

Here, we see it in the placement of windows and lamps:

Pinned Image


Color can also be used


kelly moore

As can pattern:

notice how the repetition of the brown in the rug and sofa tie back to the brown in the painting and then the pop of citron pillows is just  enough off to pull that color to the other side of the room without “matching” the painting.

Design Blahg


Here the orange chair balances a strong painting.

Elle Decor

elle decor

Again, the blue chairs pull that color across the room.


We see balance in nature all the time.


Queen Red Lime zinnia are these for real???

And what about this  guy, can you imagine him with a random assortment of tail feathers. LOL

White peacock

Textures also have to be balanced so be sure you have pleasing proportions of rough to smooth.

It’s not as easy as it looks is it?

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