We missed Italy on our last trip but this gem might be the centerpiece for some future trip.

It took five years to renovate but it is now open to the public as a luxury hotel in Southern Italy.

I introduce to you

Palazzo Margherita by Francis Ford Coppola.

Just give me the entryway. Have you ever seen a more beautiful doorway?

This is one of the common morning rooms.  Bella.

All of the walls are hand painted and look at that fabulous floor!


I’m glad I didn’t have to measure off each of those stripes but whoever did it did a beautiful job.

May I extend my stay, please? And, yes, that “marble” is faux.

The Murano chandelier however is the real deal.

 The Sophia room named after Coppola’s daughter.

Be still my heart I want those floors. The Francis Ford Coppola room that welcomes the breeze as it ushers you

out to

the terrace. Coffee?

Where are you dreaming of going on this good Friday?

I am off to stage a wedding for sweet friends. Have a fabulous weekend!

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