Yesterday I shared with you my nail-biting about trying to make sure things were balancing with the new project.

To help you understand what I mean I thought I would share examples as I run across them

of  both the good and the bad.

It’s all about training the eye.

This chandelier looks as though it is crushing the table. It is way too big for this space and would make anyone sitting at the table quite uncomfortable.


This one is both physically and visually too small. A darker color would help but the room needs more weight.

This one is perfect.

 Can you sense your body relaxing when you look at this photo? Even if you don’t like the style you have to recognize the thought and care that went into the design.

Every color used has the same undertone so nothing jumps out at you. The light wood of the table echos that of the ceiling.  The symmetrically placed antiqued mirrors bring extra light into an otherwise fairly dark room while at the same time becoming an added layer/texture. The drapery fabric and rug introduce a lighter color balancing the dark and finally the use of two lanterns in a black finish perfectly fill the space above the table and repeat the color and material used to frame the mirrors.

This is a successful room.

Begin to analyze rooms or pictures of rooms in this way and you will soon start to understand why you are drawn to some and not to others.

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