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Well Fashion Week has ended, the blogs have been written and now it’s time to see how our industry is dovetailing with the fashion world.




 Isn’t that fun? I’ve never put one of these together before. It’s a lot of work. 😉 All of the fashion photos are courtesy of  From Me To You blogpost where they did an amazing  job of covering all of the shows.

What do you think?

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It’s a gorgeous Saturday morning and I am celebrating three of my favorite things:






beautiful mums

hundreds of pumpkins

happy faced pansies

fresh fruits and veggies

yummy yummy canned goods

Did I mention pumpkins?

I was obsessed.

happiness back in the neighborhood

Woo Hoo It’s almost time!

“All in” ( you’d have to be an Auburn fan).

Ava Rose insisted that I take her picture also.

SEE YA!! Happy Weekend.

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I just “met” a new designer friend, Victoria Lyon from Connecticut, and she introduced me

 to an Italian company that is making  some

ahh-maaa-zziing inlaid floors.


 “If you love the classical appeal of wood floor mosaic, but can’t part with the traditional warmth of wood, you’re in luck! This floor mosaic with steel and stone inserts by Parchettificio blends the best of both worlds. These “tailor-made” floors are created exclusively by Italian master craftsmen and reflect the time-honored tradition of mosaic, with a modern twist. Antique oak, olive and recovered teak inlays complement hand-polished steel inserts, and oiled and waxed stone, all arranged in an exciting pattern that’s as exquisite as any art you’d display in your home. More info is available at Parchettificio.”

 My,my I just don’t know if I could walk on that and you BETTER not roller blade over it. 😉

Honestly, I would never have painted this room white. It doesn’t fit. The value of the wall should be the same value as the floor which would call for a taupe to blend with the wood or a gray to blend with the steel but hey… the

floor is fabulous.

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What a difference one man made in the way that we all live life.

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