I have a young friend who can work wonders with legos! He is not too interested in his soccer game… as a matter of fact he has been known to just lie down in the grass much to the chagrin of his Daddy. LOL But ya know what? That kid, if encouraged in his natural giftings, could be a darn good architect or engineer one day. He might be designing soccer stadiums! I just made an amazing discovery that I am going to tell his Mama about. It’s Lego’s Architect series. Do you know about this?????

Apparently there is a guy named

Adam Reed Tucker


 well… I’ll just let him tell you in his own words,

“As an Architectural Artist my desire is to capture the essence of a particular architectural landmark into its pure sculptural form. I first and foremost do not view my models as literal replicas, but rather my own artistic interpretations through the use of LEGO® bricks as a medium. The LEGO brick is not initially thought of as a material typically used in creating art or used as an artist’s medium. I quickly discovered the LEGO brick was lending itself as naturally to my applications as paint to a painter or metal to a blacksmith. As I explore how to capture these buildings with the basic shapes of the bricks and plates, I find the possibilities and challenges they offer almost magical.” – Adam Reed Tucker

He has an entire collection of Frank Lloyd Wright structures on the market. Here is a sampling:

This is my personal favorite Wright house, Falling Water.

And here is the Lego version

Then there is Farnsworth House

And Farnsworth House Legos

Then there’s the Guggenheim Museum

And the Lego Guggenheim

And the newest:

        LEGO Architecture has released their latest creation, a LEGO Frank Lloyd Wright 1908 Robie House, one of Wright’s most famous prairie-style homes located in Chicago’s Hyde Park. The LEGO version is made up of 2,276 pieces. For $199, the kit comes with step-by-step instructions that include historical information about the iconic structure and architect.

Each LEGO Architecture set contains a booklet featuring step-by-step building instructions that is prefaced by exclusive, archival history, information and photographs of each iconic building, its design origin, its architect and its architectural features. 



You will have to go to Lego’s site to see the unveiling! How cool is that?

 I will be keeping a sharp eye on my two little ones to see if they show signs of needing a “toy” like this in their future. What a great way to teach!

Happy Building.

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