Sometimes you will find that you have pieces of furniture that are just simply too short for the ceiling height of the room.

case in point

There was way too much blank space about the TV cabinet.

In journalism this is referred to as “white space” and I use that term often to help clients understand when empty space is needed to help the eye rest and when it must be filled in order to please the eye which is ALWAYS searching for that golden mean (the perfect proportion).

In this case we tried item after item. It was a little like the 3 Bears. Some things that looked huge in the store were way too small. Some were too visually heavy and detracted from the overall wall and then we hit upon the beautiful old garden gate and it was “just right.”

Simply resting the gate on top of the cabinet added an overall  height of @ 3′ and drew the eye upward to where it wanted to rest.

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