New York at Christmas, it doesn’t get any better. The lights, the music, the shows, carriage rides through the park and THE WINDOWS! If you haven’t been there for an unveiling you really must go. All of the major stores compete to see who can out-do the others as designers and animators work for the better part of the year to create these wonders that draw people from all over the world. Following is a sample of some of the more tradtional ones from the last couple of years.

This is “Santa Land” at Macy’s.












Kris Kringle looking in Macy’s store window.











Newsboy selling Herald announcing Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.














Announcement of the arrival of the Christmas Spirit.









Marching band at Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.












Kris Kringle in Court












Judge with Santa’s mail.












    Bergdorf-Goodman’s has so much going on in theirs that I have  a hard time following.













  Lord and Taylor’s Jack and the Beanstalk.











 Ogre at top of Beanstalk.














     Chop Jack Chop!!!















 Jack and His Mother Celebrate.










   Cinderella- Lord and Taylor










At the ball.









 If the shoe fits.










And what better reason could I possibly have for wanting to enjoy all of the magic than my precious little doodle.